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Bitmanufaktur USB PID Assignments

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Vendor ID

In 2010 we applied for an USB vendor ID for our USB projects at the USB Implementers Forum. The vendor ID number (VID) for Bitmanufaktur GmbH is:

Decimal       9062
Hexadecimal 0x2366

The individual products and its applications are separated by product IDs which are assigned incrementally and represent a specific application. This means that the same hardware can have different product IDs depending on the firmware running on the device. This is important for application programmers so drivers can be assigned based on the VID:PID combination and not the actual hardware.

If you created your own firmware based on one of our projects, please ask Milosch Meriac for a dedicated product ID assignment.

Product ID Assignment List

List of hexadecimal vendor ID (VID) and product ID combinations used:

VID:PID Application
2366:0001 Prototyping PID - only used for internal testing, you can use that for your own product development internally
2366:0002 OpenBeacon USB 2
2366:0003 OpenPCD 2 RFID Reader for 13.56MHz
2366:0004 OpenBeacon USB
2366:0005 Blinkenlights WDIM
2366:0006 Blinkenlights WMCU
2366:0007 OpenBeacon Ethernet EasyReader PoE II - Active 2.4GHz RFID Reader
2366:0008 OpenBeacon WLAN
2366:0009 OpenPCD 2 RFID Reader for 13.56MHz - libnfc firmware
2366:000A OpenPCD 2 Audio & LCD Display
2366:000B DooRFID Door Sensor