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Getting Started

You've just bought or built your own OpenPCD device and are eager to get started? Then this is the right section for you to read.

For the beginning, it is recommended to first read the Hardware#Familiarizing_yourself_with_OpenPCD_Hardware chapter to get an overview about the OpenPCD hardware.

The librfid_win32 package

Before attaching the reader to your system be sure you have downloaded the driver supplied in the librfid_win32 package here or here.

This package contains the following elements:

  • API for easy programming
  • Drivers (you need this)
  • Examples programming examples with API (currently only in VisualC)
  • Licenses
  • Tools for testing your device

Unpack the package to a directory on your system.

Attaching OpenPCD to the host PC the first time

Your OpenPCD unit (if bought from the OpenPCD Webshop) has been flashed with a current version of both the sam7dfu bootloader and the main_dumbreader firmware. The red LED should light up and the green LED should begin to flash as soon as the USB cable is attached. As soon as the reader is attached to the PC, Windows will come with dialogbox asking to install the correct driver, don't let it search for the driver but select the driver by browsing in the dialogbox to the \Drivers directory where you unpacked the librfid_win32 package.

If correctly installed, Windows will report 13.56MHZ RFID Reader as found.

Using librfid

In the same package unpacked on your systeem are Tools for testing your device. One of the tools is the "librfid-tool".

Using librfid-tool and a supported RFID transponder (such as a Philips Mifare Classic/Ultralight card, or an ICAO compliant ePassport), you can do some further testing.

Scan/autodetect available transponder

Putting any supported RFID transponder on the reader (specifically: within the reading range) and executing the following command will autodetect the transponder type:

librfid-tool -s 

Constantly keep scanning

The following command will run in an endless loop (until ctrl+c are pressed), scanning for available (and supported) RFID transponders:

librfid-tool -S

Reading Mifare Ultralight

librfid-tool -p mifare-ultralight

Selecting Master File of a T=CL compliant ISO 14443A PICC

# librfid-tool -p tcl