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Imagine technology that tracks not only where you are, but also what you are doing, and who you know. What if it predicts what you might do, and uses that information however it wants?

OpenAMD is an open source augmented reality social experiment that simulates the potential uses and misuses of this technology, and encourages people to examine trust and privacy.

Purpose of the project: Our system will give a glimpse into future technologies and allow us to create privacy strategies before they hit the fan/market. We don't want privacy guidelines that fall short of addressing emerging technologies; rather, we want to both show how the world will look in future and expand the discussion on data privacy. In addition, we view this as a valuable opportunity to teach people how the technology works and educate the next generation. We’ll be releasing a public API for programmers to write visuals, and making the hardware schematics available to encourage hacking and cool modifications. We are seeking sponsorship to help cover the costs of the badges, as we will be handling the rest of the expenses.

In the news: Gizmodo: “Forget Walmart. Hackers Conference Badges Show The Future of RFID Tracking” (July 20, 2010) “When it comes to tracking people's every movement—or ‘location-aware applications’w if you're trying to sound less creepy—nothing beats the badges at hacker conferences.” – Quinn Norton


“Last HOPE Tracking Meta-Data Released” (August 8, 2008)

BoingBoing: “RFID badges at HOPE hackercon form automatic social nets and irony” (July 18, 2008) “Conference goers will be given unprecedented ability to connect with new people, find the talks they're most interested in attending, see what's happening and where in real time, and experience and talk about the way RFID technology is changing the world.” – Cory Doctorow

What is it? OpenAMD is an active RFID system combined with a social networking web framework which tracks participants’ real-time locations and integrates that data with personal and community metadata.

AMD, or “Attendee Meta-Data,” increases participants’ engagement with the conference with features such as recommending talks and people with related interests, based on user interaction.

Photo credit © CNET Networks

When/where can I experience it? We plan to deploy at the CCC Camp, a conference composed of around four thousand (4,000) makers, hackers, and tinkerers advocating government transparency, freedom of information, and the human right to communication. The event takes place this year in Finowfurt, Germany, from 10-14 August 2011.

Who is behind it? The reader technology was developed by Milosch and Brita Meriac of the project, an open hardware and open software platform for active 2.4GHz RFID. They join the OpenAMD team, a group of technology professionals concerned about public awareness of digital rights.

How can I find more information? To see videos of past installations and get news updates, check out our website at or email To learn more about the CCC, check out their website at


Includes: Logo on badge lanyard Logo on OpenAMD website Four seats at the OpenAMD dinner* Four OpenAMD shirts Four OpenAMD VIP packages* €2.5k: Five available

Includes: Logo on OpenAMD website Three OpenAMD shirts Three OpenAMD VIP packages*

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