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Tracker Protocol

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Data structure from Tag to Reader

 #define RFBFLAGS_ACK            0x01 
 #define RFBFLAGS_SENSOR         0x02
 typedef unsigned char u_int8_t;
 typedef unsigned short u_int16_t;
 typedef unsigned long u_int32_t;
 typedef struct
     u_int8_t size;            /* total length of frame in octets, including TBeaconHeader */
     u_int8_t proto;
 } __attribute__ ((packed)) TBeaconHeader;
 typedef struct
     TBeaconHeader hdr;
     u_int8_t flags;           /* see above */
     u_int8_t strength;        /* Tx Power */
     u_int32_t seq;            /* Sequence Number */
     u_int32_t oid;            /* Object ID */
 } __attribute__ ((packed)) TBeaconTracker;
 typedef struct
     TBeaconTracker pkt;
     u_int16_t salt;
 } TBeaconEnvelope;