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I am involved in hardware, embedded software, protocols and security projects around the Internet of Things and consider myself a white-hat hacker. I provide Embedded Design & Hardware Security Consultancy Services around the Internet of Things.

Before that I was working as Principal Security Research Lead at ARM on advanced IoT security solutions to allow prevention, detection and remote recovery from attacks or malware infection on embedded devices, fog computing nodes and cloud services. One of my main security projects at Arm was the uVisor, a secure hypervisor that enforces hardware security boundaries between embedded software components using the ARMv7M memory protection unit on contemporary ARM Cortex M3/M4 microcontrollers.

I have over 20 years of professional experience in embedded programming, hardware development and the information security business. I enjoy breaking things, working on microcontroller security and improving IoT security.

Interested in my Help?

If you have interesting projects available or need my help - feel free to contact me for:

My GPG/PGP Key ID is C8C1 EB07 C743 58FB 1259 5ED9 708B 8D3E 15D5 2B9F

I regularly give talks on security …

… or make things

In my private time I love making/grokking things. I am playing with RGB strips to create light paintings and counter-advertising bags. I am the Co-Founder of active and passive RFID open source projects like SocioPatterns, Sputnik/OpenBeacon, OpenPCD and OpenPICC and I am committed to RFID related security research.

As a member of the Blinkenlights Stereoscope Core Team I designed the 2.4GHz OpenBeacon based wireless dimmmer and Ethernet WMCU Hardware that was used in the Toronto City Hall Installation.

My interests are grouped around hardware design, embedded systems, RF designs, active and passive RFID hardware development, custom-tailoring of embedded Linux hardware platforms, real time systems, IT-security, hardware & software reverse engineering and security evaluations of embedded systems.